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Digital Control Systems repairs the boards and power supplies in the ABB/Bailey Controls Infi 90, Network 90 Systems, the Westinghouse/Emerson Process Controls Classic, WDPF, and Q-line,     HF Controls/Forney International equipment, and Allen-Bradley 1785 PLC-5 and 1771.


Please note that we also repair some Modicon, Fanuc, L & N, Panalarm, Rosemount, and Fisher.  If you have boards, power supplies, and or equipment that are not currently in our repair lists, please call or contact us and we can either give you a quote or have you send the item in for a no-charge evaluation.


Digital Control Systems has over 28 years experience repairing this type of equipment.  We can offer you top quality repairs with very competitive pricing.


We also have refurbished equipment for sale.